Anthropomorphic lizards are nothing new. MayaIncaAztec blue Lizards who worship ancient aliens and have magical frogs are pretty unique. And certainly "Slann" or "Kroxigor" is easier to trademark than "The Empire" or "High Elves".

As for the fluff, don't even get me started. They're essentially ignoring 30 years of fluff by shoving HE/DE together.

The setting needed a bit of a shakeup, perhaps a a rewrite even.

I certainly understand that it was hard to justify some factions fighting each other fluff-wise.

I understand they needed to condense the factions down, and I'm fine with them bringing Undead and Chaos together. I would even be fine with an allies chart ala 40K.

...But the End Times is terribly written and ham-fisted.

At any rate, I suppose we'll have to see what happens in 9th. No idea where the setting is headed.