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Thread: Gruagach in the Wood

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    Gruagach in the Wood

    Latest game of Lord of the Rings. This time the Rohan are trying to sneak their forces through the woods, with the help of the local Woses.

    Nice little scenario and some tricky tactics to think about to best avoid being detected and not having to fight your way through a sea of orcs!

    thanks for reading.

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    Re: Gruagach in the Wood

    That looks very nice! Please share more akin to this.

    This reminds me of the overpowered Ogre Butcher in the Wood, which we used in a WHFB scenario, who slaughtered everything close to his wood...

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    Re: Gruagach in the Wood

    Thanks very much.

    I have no intention of stopping to play Lord of the Rings at any point in the near future, regardless of how GW treats it. Going to try the same scenario again next week.

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