I just picked up some stuff for this game at my FLGS. Prior I had been lurking on their forums, reading reviews, and checking out the battle reports. I like the time period, I liked the alternate history setting, and the asymmetrical nature of the opposing sides appealed to me.

Here is what I picked up...

I look forward to putting this stuff together.

I just read through the mini-rulebook and the rules for the most part are pretty straight forward and simple. It looks like this would be a good game for getting newbies into Wargaming as they could command the towering Martian tripods and get satisfaction from destroying lots of humans, but still have a close game or ultimately lose. Plus, the Tripods are fairly straight forward to play. I look forward to battling my wife and daughter a bit.

The mini-rulebook is good enough for what you get in the starter box for the most part, but there are a couple basic things it did not cover. I was hoping someone more experienced in the game could help out.

Here are some things that the mini-rulebook in the starter kit doesn't really cover....
1. Tow cables- What do these do? It just says Assault/Special but doesn't tell me the special part. Since I have some Rough Riders in the box, I am curious.
2. Motorcycle Squad vs. Rough Riders- Are these different units? It looks like the machine gun armed motorcycle is an upgrade tot eh squad, but I am unsure.
3. Black Dust/Green Gas- Again the mini-rulebook doesn't say much about them other than Barrage #/Green Gas or Barrage #/Black Dust. That indicates there are some special rules for them.
4. Launchers- I picked up a Grenadier Drone armed with Launchers but in the mini-rulebook it mentions they are Inaccurate but it does not specify what that means.

So, if anyone wants to help me out that would be great. I think my next purchase will have to be the big rulebook so I can get a complete set of army lists/fluff, but I will probably want to build my Tripods and US troops and play a bit before that. Therefore, any help would be great.

I will share some sprue picks and other photos as it develops in this thread. In the meantime, if you have any questions, battle reports, pictures, or hobby stuff for this game feel free to add it to this thread too.