Who am I? I'm Charles/Chuck/Procrastinator/Armchair General and Gun Shy Studios. I've been painting a couple of years, pride myself on my ability to do exceptional work, and pride myself on not fitting into the character category that most young (teens) gamers fall into.

After about a year of procrastination, I have decided to buy an army - and stick to it. The hardest part of the hobby for me is finally simply just choosing an army, and keeping it.

I have been a victim of bartertown for two long, I rarely kept armies for more than a month. Only recently have a I bitten the bullet, laid down my cold hard cash from my tight, sweating hand, and bought a reasonably sized tau army (all new at retail! - shock, horror!)

Now, my tau army has come along nicely. The 1500pt army consists of:

Shas'el, four fireknife suits, 5 or 6 stealth suits, 24 Fire warriors, 3 hammerheads, pathfinders in a devilfish and perhaps a few drones.

As I expand into 1850pts, 20 kroot will be added, as well as 4 more crisis suits.

The army was fun to build, but I have tested a few schemes on a few spare minis. None have appealed to me!

I need warseer's help on this one. I need a nice, cartoony look to my tau. Nothing too hard or arduous, something that is quick, but looks nice on the table.

Anyone got any ideas? Photos are coming of my work area, and will be up within the hour!