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    Re: Warhammer 9th Edition Roundup - Discussion (Reloaded)

    Hello everyone .

    I don't know if the following information as been revealed yet because I just don't read the 26 pages of posts , sorry !

    Just coming back from my local store following some strange message on facebook and inviting us to pass by .

    9th edition will be released on saturday the 13th of june .

    My local store is organising on friday the 12th a warhammer tournament beginning at 8.00pm for thoses who will have reserved their 9th edition rule book ( If I correctly understand there will be 2 weeks of preorder )

    At 0.00 , He will give to players their books .

    Il will be a 8th edition tournament but the local manager will release a summary of the changes if they are not to numerous in order to play in 9th edition . If it changes too much , he says that it will be a 8th edition one ^^

    Considering the policy of games workshop , I don't think that will be some local initiative , so other people might have the same level of information to confirm .
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