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Thread: Brother Josef desecrates a Chaos Shrine (diorama)

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    Brother Josef the Iconoclast (diorama)

    I've recently been in the painting doldrums, and decided I needed something new and different to distract me from my regular army painting routine. I didn't want to spend much money, but I wanted to make a diorama with something different- I'm bored of seeing orks or chaos commiting acts of Imperial iconoclasm, perhaps it's time to see an Imperial preacher desecrating something?

    A rummage through my bits box provided me with the key components to make something: My general plan is to have a preacher with a big hammer mid-swing about to destroy a Slaaneshi altar and icon, the room will be all white marble, a few candles and a collection plate with coins, perhaps an animal ready for sacrifice?

    Brother Josef Inquisitor figure (missing some details, but nothing too bad)
    Skullz Admech little dude (whatever he is, he'll be a tiny minion for Josef)
    Slaaneshi game piece from Chaos in the Old World game (horrible plastic, but it should work as a chaos icon)
    Some Victoria Miniatures accessories
    Skaven plague monk bits
    Some old Forge World Bretonnian gargoyles and reliquary
    An incredibly old citadel plate
    A Mirliton (?) square display base
    A resin pot of some kind and a few FW purity seals.

    From what I can tell at this early stage, everything seems to 'fit' in terms of aesthetics and story, now lets see what I can do with it...
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