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Thread: Magog's Extremely Massive Orc and Goblin Army (Maybe 25,000 pts…?)

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    Magog's Extremely Massive Orc and Goblin Army (Maybe 25,000 pts…?)

    Hello all.
    I'm brand new to this board. I started playing Warhammer in 4th edition, and I played a lot up until 6th. I've played Dwarves, Bretonnians, and Orcs, and I have a bunch of Empire as well. I moved away from the hobby for several years, and I haven't actually played the game itself in quite a while, but a few years ago I dusted off some of my old miniatures and started painting and converting them. I got the bug again, and since then I've gathered up a MASSIVE amount of Orcs and Goblins. I've done some quick tallies and I'm somewhere in the neighborhood of 23,000 points without any upgrades or magic items.

    I've given a good chunk of them paint jobs, or at least I've painted them to a state where they look decent on my shelf. In this log I'll probably re-visit my units one at a time and add an some additional details that I missed on my first round as I photograph them and add them here. The figures in this army are mostly metal, ranging from Brian Nelson sculpts to old Kev Adams models with the occasional Nick Lund thrown in with various other off-brands. I'll mix in a few plastics here and there as well, usually with a head swap or something to break them out of the cookie cutter GW plastic orc vibe. This project has been more about painting and modeling, so I'm doing my best to add character wherever possible. Visually I get inspired by ranks upon ranks of grimy skin, rusted metal, and dark, dirty clothing. I want them to feel weathered and worn from the march. I have a few pics that I'll upload below as teasers, with more to come soon.

    This is an impractically large army for any reasonable battle, but I've started entertaining the thought of playing Warmaster in 28mm with it. Part of my upcoming project is to make movement bases so they can be easily ranked up in Warmaster sized units. The only problem with that is finding an army big enough to play the other side...

    Pictures to come soon….
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