Hi there folks,

I'm genuinely intrigued in this game and I would like to have your point of view on some points regarding the rule set we currently have. Please, refrain yourself to post any *I hate this game because XWZ*. I'm here to get your thoughts and if you wish to debate anything regarding the AoS setting, their is plenty of room in other subjects on Warseer, BOLS, DakkaDakka, etc.

Concerning the outnumber point, do you think that this is relevant all along the game or only at deployment?

And by this I mean to say, can the sudden death possible scenario suddenly switch between players because one loose too many of his warriors?
Or it's only at the start of a game that a player is labelled ''outnumbered''?

IMHO, I think a player is labelled outnumbered at the start of the game and this status never change, no matter the loss. And is no one is labelled outnumbered for a start, it just never comes into play.