Are Ellyrian Reavers the best archers in AOS?

They have 2 wounds each, 5+ save and a movement of 14"

They have Bows that can shoot 2 shots standard, but their special rule allows them to shoot 3 times if no enemy is within 3" (and an enemy should never be that close).

They hit on 4+ and wound on 4+.

And they they can make an additional 2D6 move before or after they shoot (as long as no emeny within 3" before they move, and cannot end their move within 3" of an enemy.

So a unit of 10 can move 14" towards you, unload 30 arrows and then flee 2D6. Hitting on 4+ and Wounding on 4+.

Also if you have a Prince on Horse within 16" of them during the Hero Phase (before all the runing and shooting they can re-roll their to hit rolls for that trun with his Might of the Asur command ability...... But that would be cheesy.

What do you think? Best archers in the game now?

Would these become the Core Core units for a HE list?