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Thread: An Age of Sigmar batrep [Lizardmen vs Warriors of Chaos] *Picture heavy*

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    Age of Sigmar batreps. *picture heavy*

    A bunch of us got together to play a couple of games yesterday. This was our first attempt at Age of Sigmar. I took some pictures and thought I'd make a report. My first observation was that while the game was fairly small model wise and we all had good knowledge of the basic rules already, we expected the games to go fairly fast. This was not the case however having to look up each units rules countless times. This will likely get better the more we play but I also think just printing out war scrolls to put in front of you on the table will speed things up alot. It will make a huge difference. I think printed war scrolls will come with all new model releases if not mistaken.

    Lizardmen army
    Slann Mage-Priest x1
    Skinks w/ javelins x24
    Kroxigor x4
    Salamander w/ handlers x1
    Ripperdactyls x3
    Bastiladon x1

    Warriors of Chaos army
    Daemon Prince of Nurgle x1
    Sorcerer Lord x1
    Chaos warriors x10
    Chosen x5
    Warhounds x5
    Dragon ogres x3
    Hellcannon x1

    On to the battle. I'm playing my Lizardmen (Seraphon) against Mike's Warriors of Chaos (Mortals). This is our very first game. Everything is done by the book except we dont roll for each terrain piece to see what type it is, thinking it would just be a hassle to remember. We could've made just small notes of it but agreed not to. After terrain is set up Mike wins the roll to divide the table, I pick the deployment zone opposite the huge tower (hoping I can use the tower and a fast unit to trick Mike to split his forces), Mike then deploys his Hellcannon first on the far left. I deploy my Ripperdactyls opposite the Hellcannon and Mike deploys a unit of 10 Chaos Warriors close to the Hellcannon. My plan is working. I deploy the rest of my army over on the other side of the table and Mike deploys opposite, taking turns of course. We did not agree on any special deployment rules beforehand. We just played it by the book, drop units of X size until happy. The only agreement was to keep it a fairly small and fast game we would both enjoy. This picture shows deployment, all pictures were taken with my iPhone sadly

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Basically the game goes something like this. I try to keep my forces compact and to my right to avoid the outdeployed Warrior unit on my left. I try to position out of charge range each turn (or leave a charge of 11-12 roll possible) to get my shooting working and cover my flank with the Skinks wanting to use their Wary Fighters ability to get out of combats. And it works great. I make one daring charge with the ripperdactyls and Kroxigor into his Dragon ogres and Chosen which ends up a disaster when his Daemon Prince is close enough to pile in. But in all its not too bad since those Kroxigor lost only count as 4 models towards my initial 37. Meanwhile my Salamander, Bastiladon and Skinks have killed some 10 chaos models (out of the initial 29). In the end Mike manages to kill off some skinks for easy points and by the time we call it the casualties are: Lizardmen 43%, Chaos Warriors 45%.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Slann - felt powerful casting 3 spells each turn to my opponents 1. There wasnt a single dispel all game.
    Ripperdactyls - decent amount of wounds, lots of attacks, fast
    Bastiladon - good range shooting, never got into combat
    Skinks - nice unit, short range shooting, there are some tactics to use with their ability to avoid combat
    Salamander - short range, only 1 shot but when it goes through the damage potential is high
    Kroxigor - I cant judge these fairly because they were just butchered by Chosen and the Daemon Prince

    The game felt tactical. Although I must say its very prone to just blobbing everything up in the center due to how fast everything is combined with nothing really breaking from combat. But if you have a plan, if you can see how movement works, know what each units role is suppose to be then yes of course there is strategy. But most importantly, was it fun? Yes it was
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