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Thread: SmogCon V 2016 - Tickeys on sale.

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    SmogCon V 2016 - Tickeys on sale.

    Hi guys,

    Not sure how many of you are EU based , but you never know.

    I'm the crazy fool that puts on SmogCon every year, Europe's answer to Lock and Load and the first official partner event to PP outside of the U.S.

    We run a three day show, with a packed programme of competitive and casual games, as well as seminars, painting, IKRPG , board and card games.

    2016 will be out fifth birthday and it's shaping up to be better than ever before. Tickets are now on sale through tiebreak at and I really hope we might see some new faces, as well as returning friends.

    Do shout if you have any questions and I will be happy to answer them.

    Sinister Squid Studios UK Commission Painting Service

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    Re: SmogCon V 2016 - Tickeys on sale.

    This is by far the best show in the country. Last year I got to hang out with Ron Kruzie from PP as well as 2 of their designers discussing design elements and models not just from PP but from across the industry.

    If you want to go play, but not do tournaments it's the best experience there is out there.

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    Re: SmogCon V 2016 - Tickeys on sale.

    2015 was my first smog and my first con. Had a great time, only played in the smogpit / iron arena but was awesome. Got my ticket. for 2016.

    Really recommend for anyone to go if they can.

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