And I came on here to get to know the minds of other Warmahorde players! However, there's something fishy going on- I can see a bunch of stickied topics and then only 5 normal ones. Where's uh... where's the rest of the party? This place is supposed to have a whole lot of topics and posts according to the forum indicator thingie!

Is perhaps Warseer Warmahordes a bit dead, or is there something odd about my browser and the forum?

Regardless of the current state of the forum... 'ello! I've picked up the Circle of Orboros, but I'm also in love with a lot of Minion models. I'm **** poor at powergaming and I usually prefer to play quirky/cool/interesting/pretty units over the best ones (although I do try to make armies that work).

Are there any ways to play this over the net? Vassal, or Universalbattle maybe...? We're a whole group of mates who started Warmahordes together, but we're having trouble syncing times and I'd really need to get more practice games in because I'm still fumbling about like an idiot!