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Thread: ITCA - Indipendent Tau Colonies Alliance

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    ITCA - Indipendent Tau Colonies Alliance

    Hi to all, I'm new here and I start immediately with my Project Log about Tau Empire:<br>I must say that part of models that you can find here are not official miniatures, they are sculpted and scratchbuilt by me, reasons are multiple, main reason is the exaggerated price of some models, so, being passionate on sculpting I've decided to do my line of miniatures!!!
    It all has started with my first scratchbuilt battlesuit, its name is XV99 Coridon, a Riptide sized battlesuit.
    Skeleton of the suit come from some pieces of lego Bionicle, while the external case is made with plasticard, hard paper card and green stuff.

    I've received lots of comments and critiques in various communities, now XV99 it's no longer alive but I've continued to improve my sculpting skills.
    My Tau project concerns about a Cadre, sent on a remote desert planetoid called Ar'Keron, became an indipendent series of colonies, their background is developing, as their models.
    This is my Cadre Commander, his name is Koi'Par'Ka, on his battlesuit XV78 Vulcan. It's a close combat battlesuit, bigger than a Broadside:

    This battlesuit is made with plasticard and a mixture of green stuff and milliput terracotta, thus exploiting hardness of milliput and workability of green stuff. In this model only the shield generator is GW, his sword is made with transparent plastic with graven hexagons made with a cutter.
    Now is the turn of XV77 Energhya, another battlesuit similar to XV78, heavy armoured, realized in the same way of the others:

    And this is the bodyguard unit, XV7, smaller than XV77 and XV78, I have two of these:

    Talking about troops:
    As Firewarriors I didn't used GW models, I've decided to realize troops suitable for desert scenarios. My models come from Greatcoat Troopers from Wargame Factory, then I've sculpted their armour with a mixture of green stuff and milliput black, their helmet are GW bits, the same for my Fireblade:

    All those models are painted with weathering technique, this for emphasizing their conditions and to make them more realistic.
    This is part of my work, during next days I'm going to post other pics of other models and miniatures!
    If you have questions, critiques or tips or if you want other pics with more details, you are welcome!

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