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Thread: Help me learn infinity!

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    Help me learn infinity!

    I bought the ice storm set and the quick start rules left me with many questions, so I downloaded the full rules, which didn't seem to help much.

    Anyone who can help (ideally with a page reference so I can find the rule where appropriate) please pitch in.

    1) I can only have one model with the lieutenant rule in my army, but if they're killed I need to appoint a new one. Who can be my new lieutenant?
    2) Can I move out of base contact with the enemy? I know I can move in, and I know I can dodge out if I am the reactive player. I can't see a rule saying I can't move out, or even move in and then out as part of the same order...
    3) Apparently shooting and ARO shooting can be resolved at any range in the active player's model's move or moves (?). But I can't do ARO shooting if in base contact when the order was activated. I think my model can ARO shoot at a guy when he moves into base contact with it, but not when he moves out?
    3b) edit. Come to think of it I can only shoot when 'not in base contact during the activation phase of the order' (p33) so I can't order a model to move out of base contact then shoot, only the other way around?
    4) There are penalties for shooting at a guy in base contact with one of my friendlies. Do these apply if I'm ARO shooting at him and he moves into base contact?

    I'll have more questions when I've made it further into the book, but at this point I don't understand the basics.

    On the plus side I've filed off the tabs and the models look cool on MDP bases.
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