far in front Leaking Pipe and Whispering Fan pushed forward, securing more loot for the tribe
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As a pair of Orlocks ambushed Whispering Fan, one with a Plasmapistol, Leaking Pipe charged into them and smashed one to the floor
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The plasmapistol armed ganger managed to best the tribesman and Leaking Pipe was beaten down
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As Dripping Pipe moved toward the final batch of loot a pair of Orlocks surrounded him
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Another Orlock shot Flooding Oil with a plasmapistol; Blowing Fan moving to cover him as he tended the burns
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While Dripping Pipe fought off a pair of Orlocks, Whispering Fan and Flooding Oil mirrored the combat with a Plasmapistol armed ganger!
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Shaman Wet Rat attempted to move to support Dripping Pipe but was too late to save the Ratskin from the Orlocks!
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as the combats raged an unnerving scream rung out; the Brave was taken by the Monster!
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Moving to support his tribesmen, Chief Falling Brick took careful aim and shot the heavy, putting the Orlock down!
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At this point the Orlocks' nerve broke and they fled the field!

The Ratskins captured a pair of gangers and the Flamer-armed heavy, stripping them of their equipment, Whispering Fan working out it's usage with ease!

a fun game; there was plenty of Monster Rolls in this game of Scavengers!
My opponent kept forgetting the Pea-Souper Treacherous Condition restricting his LoS to 10"; often moving miniatures into position for decent shots and then realising he couldn't see!
i captured three fighters, two gangers and the flamer-armed heavy. I'd actually rolled Specialist for Whispering Fan so kept the guns as payment for returning his guys; my opponent had a terrible income and a Ratskin with Hip-shoot and a flamer looks to be hilarious!