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Thread: Looking for help with Chaos Lord build?

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    Looking for help with Chaos Lord build?

    Hey guys, was hoping to hear your opinions on a setup for a chaos lord. A lot of my buddies tend to use dragons and other large monsters in bigger games so I'm trying to create an answer to these beasts. I want to avoid escalating the problem by simply sticking a lord on a dragon myself and try to do something different. Someone pointed out the combo of a 4+ ward, MoT and third eye of tzeentch to me the other day and it got me thinking… If I can make my lord practically invincible then he won't need a dragon to stand toe-to-toe with other monsters. I also like the idea that I can merrily throw him at anything and grin as my opponent gets stuck in combat with something that just. Wont. Die. Should catch them off guard the first time he's used, then they'll just avoid him like the plague. I've ended up settling on the following build;

    Chaos Lord, MoT, Disc of Tzeentch, Shield
    Mutations: Scaled Skin, Third eye of Tzeentch
    Magic items: Armour of Destiny, Dawnstone

    So this guy has can fly, has a 1+ re-rollable armour save, 3+ Ward Save that re-rolls 1s. T5 and 3 wounds, as well as a couple of extra attacks from the disc.

    Problem is I can't work out how to set him up offensively. I've got 20pts left to spend on mutations and 25pts left for magic items.

    I thought I could take poisonous slime with the sword of battle and a potion of foolhardiness so I can happily charge into a big, terror causing monster and have a fair chance of taking it down. But then all attacks would be s5 so I'd be relying on poison for tough opponents.

    Another option would be taking a great weapon for permanent s7, which would leave me with points free to boost him some other way (which I haven't managed to work out yet, maybe soul-feeder and some sort of attacks boost?), although the downside would be that he wouldn't be able to use the shield in combat, meaning his re-rollable 1+ would only be a 2+, kind of defeating the whole point of trying to make him invincible. Also, by taking a mundane weapon I worry about getting stuck in combat with something I can't kill… Ethereal for example.

    Other thing I thought of is maybe just putting him on a daemonic mount for the extra s5 attacks and +2 to armour save, negating the previously mentioned shield problem. My issue with that though, is that it costs more for a slower steed...

    Or is there a better offensive combo entirely that I haven't thought of? (using the points I have left)
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