Yes you read that title right - assuming you read it, and not just click by accident - I am building an army of wood elves, with the theme being FIRE.

Me and a friend wanted to win a Best Painted Army award on a team tournament for ages, but we always seem to narrowly miss. So last year we thought 'let's go nuts' and build 2 small armies concurrently for our gaming club's upcoming doubles-tournament, and go over the top to try and snatch the prize. So on the one hand we have a lava-themed lizardmen army entirely in non-metallic-metal, and on my side of the fence we have wood elves who are ON FIRE.

Of course, we've had the idea since this time last year, and started back then, so now we only need to finish about 75% of both armies for november 15th So.. check back regularly for progress, because if there isn't any, we're screwed.

The wood elf army isn't particularly huge; A waystalker, 16 glade guard, 12 dryads, 8 wildriders and a treeman. The glade guard will all be using the magic flaming bows from the sisters of avelorn kit, the dryads will have burning branches and the like, the wildrider champion's mount's antlere are ON FIRE and the treeman will be burning here and there as well, while he is swinging a giant flaming censer (courtesy of the skaven plague furnace).

Let's kick this off with a teaser
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