I haven't been all idle even though working in retail during Christmas doesn't really makes it easy to find hobbytime.

I have slowly been working on my australians for the new guinea campaign.

First out is my first unit of milita. Still a bit to do on the bases as you can see, but more or less done.

I have also made a small start on the first of my jungle division squads

And to finish this post up, two special minis, the brengun armed chap who came with the duel in the sun book and then Bull who came with the New guinea campaign book.

The first is going to end up as a brengunner in a milita squad, since they are allowed to use brens and the box comes with the downgrade option for a lewisgun instead. So with this fellow I have the possibility to chose what gun to equip a squad with.
Bull is probably not going to use his own rules, but rather be used as a regular medic, just to make things simple.