It's been a long time since I've updated this plog.

But I haven't been idle all this time, but I have fallen back into some old bad habits, also known as lack of focus, and been swamping myself with all sorts of projects, so progress is much slower as it's spread all over the place.

But when we are talking about BA I have made some progress on my Australians.

First we have my officer

And for some more parts of the officers cadre, an forward observer.
I intend to use him as an air-observer.

I have also finished my squad of papuans.

And some fire support, an MMG.

What more? Well a sniper team might be useful.

And to finish of I've actually finished my second militia squad, but I didn't really take any pictures of that unit. It is in the background of this picture though, which is most of my aussies, apart from my commandos and my other militia unit.

And on my workbench is (somewhere along with loads of other bits and pieces) an artillery-piece, a spotter to that, another jungle division unit and a M3 Stuart.

But I'll end this post with these, my first test models for blood red skies.