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Thread: My Fantasy houses and other terrain projects.

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    My Fantasy houses and other terrain projects.

    Hi! I have drawn inspiration from the project logs here (especially the terrain ones) for some time and thought it was about time that I contribute myself. I am a long time WHFB player who have recently found myself spending more and more of my hobby time making terrain. My goal is to build terrain that can stand next to my Tabletop World houses without looking completely out of place. Now I did NOT say that they should be as detailed and realistic as the Tabletop World houses since that is simply to ambitious. But when I place a GW building next to at Tabletop World house I find that it looks somewhat like DUPLO: To big, to block shaped, and with large flat surfaces*. Others might of course prefer the GW look but not me so what my terrain should fulfill is:
    -It should be about the right size for 28 mm models.
    -It should have nice textures.
    -Not everything should be strait lines and right angles.
    A list that I consider achievable. Of course I also want it to be as detailed and good looking as possible but that is an ever ongoing process.

    *DUPLO bricks does (fortunately) have considerably fewer skulls at seemingly random places but that is absolutely not a point for GW in my opinion.
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