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Thread: Dungeon Saga: "Enter, stranger...."

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    Dungeon Saga: "Enter, stranger...."

    Hello everyone. Thanks for visiting, if I knew you were coming, I'd have baked a cake.

    My Dungeon Saga Kickstarter cartons have arrived from Mantic (base game and all the expansions). While it's a game you can play with just the coloured plastics, I aim to get them painted up and hope this plog will spur me on.

    What I have to paint:

    Dwarf King's Quest

    Warlord of Galahir

    • Hratth - Salamander Warrior
    • Kapoka - Dryad Druid
    • Thrundak - Orc Warlord
    • 27 x Green Rage minions

    Infernal Crypts

    • Venetia - Cleric
    • Arianya - Naiad Demonhunter
    • Drech’nok the Destroyer
    • 27 x Denizens of the Abyss minions

    Tyrant of Halpi

    • Ally - Halfling Thief
    • Ibrahim - Paladin
    • Karrathor the Unbroken

    The Return of Valandor

    • Valandor - Celestian
    • Ba’el - Undead Demonlord

    Adventurer ... your dungeon awaits!

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