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    Hello there!

    I just thought that the concept of an imperial knight was wrong. It isn't made for the imperium, it's a GIANT ******* ROBOT!! It had to be done, someone had to do it. I had some ideas but my wallet couldn't support them.... Untill now.

    I present you The KNecron!... No wait... The Necron Kni... Damn... The NeKrN!... Ok forget it, we'll find a name later on.

    It's an imperial knight + forge bomber parts + tons of bits i had in a box.

    I added some details to the feet as i was making the base

    And a first base of silver

    It's going to be painted like the rest of my army. Rusted copper & silver with red/green glows and maybe a white detail

    Hope you like it!
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