I'm an 8th edition player with plenty of existing armies (elves of all flavours, undead, warriors of chaos), and have just started a dwarf one. However, I only really like the aesthetic of the newer 8th edition models and the Forge World dwarf command set. The older models have character, but don't fit in well with the newer ones, and I don't want to add a load of models I'm not in love with to my painting mountain.

I was hoping the new AoS Slayers would be good, but they don't appeal at all. Hopefully the "Steamhead Duardin" release, whenever that comes, has good-looking models that can represent 8th ed units, but I don't have high hopes. I have looked at other manufacturers, but none have models I like that fill the main gaps.

With that in mind, is it possible to build anything approaching a decent army with just the 8th edition models? Thats:

Lord (FW)
Thane BSB (FW)
Dragon or Daemon Slayer (FW + GW)
Belegar/Thane or Lord on oath-stone
Grimm Burloksson/Engineer
Runelord/Runesmith (x2)

Longbeards (hw+shield or great weapons)




It's obviously lacking core models like warriors/thunderers/quarrelers, and is utterly devoid of war machines. Is there any way a half-decent army can be built within these limits, and how could it be played? I'm not looking for a massive army - 2000 points-ish would be fine.