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Thread: It's a Gruppe that kampfs! - Late War Panzergrenadiers by Sigur

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    Re: It's a Gruppe that kampfs! - Late War Panzergrenadiers by Sigur

    @mrtn: Thanks!

    @shrubs: Thanks very much. If BA is popular at least people should have the minis required to play CoC.

    Hullo, I'm back! Hope everybody had great holidays and a good start into 2017! Either way, good luck to all of us.

    Over the holidays I managed to get quite a lot of stuff for Chain of Command done. A small part of it being for my Normandy Panzergrenadiers:

    A Pak37 anti-tank gun with Stielgranate, a Panzer II Luchs (mainly because it looks nice), a Flammpanzer III flamethrower tank (...which I hope passes as regular Panzer III H, J and M as well despite the thicker barrel), a base of forward artillery observers (in the middle) and two light infantry guns 18 (leIG18 = leichtes Infanteriegeschütz 18).

    The leIG18 was in use with Wehrmacht infantry throughout the war as a light field gun (75mm) for close support. The whole gun's weight was less than 500 kilos. For transport the gun could be taken apart into 8 pieces (the heaviest weighing no more than 75 kilos). Crew was six men. The loading mechanism was pretty remarkable, as it worked differently to other guns, much more like on a shotgun. In this video here Tom explains it to Ron:

    The gun was not planned to be used in an anti-vehicle role, but with the right type of ammo it was able to crack enemy scout vehicles and armoured cars at up to 300m. Later on HEAT rounds were issued which allowed the leIG18 to combat enemy medium tanks.

    Also check out my general historicals thread for quite a lot more single-based 15mm minis for a different theatre of war!

    edit: If you're on FB - I entered in a GW store painting competition. Not a big thing as winners for the first round are determined by Facebook Likes and I'm pretty sure there's nothing to win but bragging rights. Anyway, if you want to go there, have a look at the entries and maybe shoot your favourite a "Like". ( *cough* I entered the Landship. *cough* )

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