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And it worked, he is most impressive!

Thanks. It did, I hope the bit over the top will help tone down the metal heroes to basic command.

A quick update before I go to a weekend of Carnival. The third spear unit for the cave goblins is finished now:

Honoring Arcworlde a goblin dragging loot around, I am considering making him walk the other way. In this unit I experimented a lot with posing using archer conversions and alternative spearheads. This was supposed to become a unit of 70. I got bored of painting night goblins well before reaching that target. 35 looks like a big enough unit.

Another warning of mad gits, simple but a nice story in there of feeding the lunatic some mushrooms and "Ere you go".

Disclaimer: I never smoked. That part is rather a reference to a MTG game I once had. I had a great combo set up, my opponents smoked a bit and then just sat there silent. By the time we could continue, I had lost all interest in showing off the combo and winning. I could have shot them to the moon.
I used to have these on separate bases, combining it to a static scene works way better. Adding a box to the learned goblin to make him look down on the now bruised dwarf makes it more complete to me. Also comparing it to the height of the smoking goblin. Get educated, don't smoke.

This is my current experimentation on the undead Kulullu (Fishmen) guard of the barge:

I always make too much putty and use the leftovers to build up dollies or for experiments. My first attempt was flat Milliput to be build up with greenstuff. That did not work, it broke (the other one did). It was also way too big.
So the second attempt was more like the gnasher dollies and started out with a blob with a cut for the tail. I then started to add bits and carved in some detail. Not fully happy with the result, but I will move on with this one. It will be a learning experience on thickness needed to build up and I can try out my ideas. I can always reclaim the torso bit if needed.
I want to fully build these before putting them in the sand waves. Not sure if that is the right way to do it, but from painting I am biased to working my way up from the inside out.

My thumbs will love a break of getting cut up and super glue. I will visit my godchild and am going to take along some mini gnasher dollies. Less work and we probably won't finish, but I want to try and show them how small steps can get them nice results sculpting.

These are rigid enough to withstand punishment, and the kids will still need to do all the detail layering. I hope this works out.