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    Re: Little Joe's projects united

    A small progress update only this week. I spend a lot of time cleaning goblins listening to battle reports and thoughts on T9A on YouTube. So I found out that 2.02 changed volley fire again, now I need archer units in line formation (8 front). That's good news as that was something I really liked from 8th. It also means I need 12 more archers painted ...

    In my opinion the archers are great for converting into regular weapon/shield or spear/shield with bits from the normal night goblin box. They have a very different stance and it takes little effort. Luckily I had not chopped up three to convert yet, so that gives me 8 I do not need to put effort in. I will have to dig out 4 spear goblins and convert, problems solved.
    Anyhow, I will finish the last unit first, so let me show you some progress:

    New command build and ready for paint. I did make a minor mistake, all half moons look the wrong way, hey ho .

    I am still finishing 10 sylvan elf archers, lots of goblins already in the background. That leaves me with one note on cleaning mold lines, I got carried away and started cleaning the last 11/13 spiders I want to paint. I had so forgotten how much time it takes me to clean one of them, this is why:

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