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    Re: Little Joe's projects united

    Well, I finished another 5 miniatures and halfway through putting the final layer of matt varnish, disaster struck. Misting, bad misting of the varnish.

    So what happened in between model 2 and 3? I was about 2/3 through the bottle and struck a thick lump of something. Just to be clear (har har), before I got there, the last 7 miniatures had heavy misting before drying clear with the same bottle. I use Vallejo varnishes and so far am very happy with both the gloss and matt version from the 60ml bottle.
    I do however expect 60ml and I kind of thought that I could thin it, so I added a bit of medium, water and 3 agitator balls. The bottle was about half filled and I started shaking. Just as with paints, it was pretty easy to solve the blob with a bit of effort, lots of bubbly foam on top though.
    I guess mostly that foam was used and the result was bad:

    After a quick Google search, 2 methods to solve this were found. Adding gloss varnish and then again matt. I tried gloss varnish on a part of the champion’s weapon pole. The result was not satisfactory. Then I used a bit of water to see it was the varnish and I could see my paintjob, my heart rejoiced a bit at this point. My effort was safe under that bad layer.
    The second method was brushing olive oil on and then giving it a good scrub with soap and a rinse under the tap. For obvious reasons I did not prefer this method, but hey ho I tried it on all 3 to keep steps in between on the same level. It kind of worked, just not good and I was not going to scrub it 4-5 times.
    So I added 2 layers of gloss varnish, redid anything dark and touched up many spots and did some blacklining with a light brown wash. It looked weird, somewhere between gloss and matt. Praying for a decent result I added matt varnish from another bottle (which also has a big blob at the bottom, gloss does not have it, I checked). Here the current state:

    At this point painting gets hard, all the varnish makes the surface too even. The dark color varies within the unit and I am not happy with it. Scratching the paint off is a no go, so I think I will need to accept the result.

    EDIT: I think it is caused by me adding water. Normally I wash in between every miniature and never had problems, so I am pretty unsure about that. It is not the concentration in the solution, I tested that. The old bottle is put aside for future frosting on ice bases and such things. I will experiment a bit and find a use for it.
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