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    Re: Little Joe's projects united

    Where to start?

    Last weekend I have been busy learning about digital game assets and improving my design of a big one for the Fight for Avras campaign. It is all still very much work in progress, I just do the digital building, here is a sneak peak:

    Guess what it will become.

    I finished 5 great bats today, sorry for the bad image:

    And continued the story for extra points:

    Last night a rodent cloaked in shadow gave it a go; it should have tried during the day. Many citizens believe these vermin to be myth. It was but an apprentice eager to prove its killing skill but it was no match for me. I dumped the carcass on the main road as a sign. I knew that it would be removed immediately, those that cleaned up will have passed on my message.

    Today something strange happened, a single swarm of bats on reconnaissance returned to me. They had grown considerably in size and now I am at a loss where and how to house them. While a valuable asset to my operations around Avras, they will not stay unnoticed.
    That is merely logistics, nothing but a petty task to solve. My undivided interest is in how they grew so fast. I have been spending a long time working on my bats to help me peddle information. While they call me Araignée, bats are my signature pets and they are very useful. Nobody cares for small bats that hunt at night and they are very loyal servants. Mine are especially attuned to magic; they are true blood hounds in sniffing out the hidden practicians of magic. There are many of those in Avras and it pays off to keep a close tab on them. However, these bats did not scout the city. They were sent to an old battle site even I only read of in history books. Someone must be protecting the site, someone strong in some lore of magic that repels the dead and grows life. I am not yet sure how my bats grew, but I have seen it before, the knowledge shall finally be mine.

    With all my little helpers and my bodyguard out on missions the task of investigating this will fall back on myself and the failed wizard. Unfortunately I will need to take along “Hans”, yes the irony. My useless apprentice necromancer was named Hans after my master. I call him fool, idiot and pretty useless. Always with his head in books, never time for people or any current information. If at least his magic skills were any good, I would gladly call him Hans, but alas this is not the case. His inability will not stop me finding out how to grow more bats, at the very least Hans will make a good decoy.
    These great bats will have to do for protection; together we will have to gather what we can on our way there. This proves to be an interesting day.

    I am preparing the next 5 great bats and taking a break of making big things:

    Made after artwork by Matthew Klaas de Witte, I will sculpt the horns a bit to improve them. This was a 1 hour challenge to get back into it this technique.

    Mostly tested sculpting here, I made the basic dolly with a Blender add-on and then did a head swap. It started out like this:

    It thinks that is a dwarf ... Oh well, 2 sessions of sculpting later I got the result above. Now I have my own scale reference Kegiz Gavem!
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