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    SuperHappyTime’s Great 8th Edition Homage

    Fair warning that this may begin as a lengthy post. Mostly it's history, motivation, more than a dozen lists, and little M&P progress (that will change later).

    Current Progress: List-Building -> Purchasing -> Modeling -> Painting -> Enjoyment

    Over the course of the past two-three years, I fell in love with Warhammer Fantasy. It became one of those "I must have everything" hobbies. I collected Battalion boxes primarily during the early part of 2014, just to get a toehold into the hobby. Then came The End Times (which I mostly loved) and then the Age of Sigmar, which discarded a game that had into my personal obsession. It took three months to get over the initial shock, and another three months to sort out my opinion on the AoS topic (like the game as a game, but dislike the fluff and abhor GW's policies and public relations). Last October (2015), I decided to dedicate my hobbying time to a homage to the game I didn't get a chance to play.

    Thus my Great 8th Edition Homage was born.

    *I'll also include a number of other Fantasy hobby projects here as well. I have been into Super Dungeon Explore for a while and since getting my girlfriend interested in the game, both of us are taking cracks at painting the model sets.

    Project History:
    From Late October-Early December 2015, I stated the project goals, began, and then finished the List-Building stage.
    From Christmas 2015/February 2016, I have been going full force with the Purchasing stage. With GW's recent deletion of an army, this stage has been slightly escalated (the inner voice that wants to buy a house next year has been having a meltdown).
    Today (Feb 23, 2016), I begin to track my project's modeling and painting progress here on Warseer.

    Project Guidelines:
    I'm looking to finish an approximately 1,000 point army for each of the main 14 factions (minus Daemons, which will receive 4 ~500 point armies for each of the Chaos Gods)
    Points are based on the unit's Base Cost, so upgrades and weapon choices are not taken into account.
    -Excepting Daemons, each 1,000 point list is a scaled-down version of 2,400 point lists from several tournaments events that occurred within a year of the end of 8th Edition's run.
    --Every 1,000 point list contains the equivalent Heroes in place of the Lords.
    --These Heroes are on foot, even though their 2400 point equal was on a mount.
    -Daemon Lists are enough Core choices to pay the "tax", a Herald, and two other special/rare choices. Some are more than 500 points, and some cross the line of being "legal".
    --Daemons as a faction get a Daemon Prince, and are meant to be played as a mix of the four gods + DP.
    -Warriors of Chaos are built as a non-aligned faction.
    -Although most armies were built with a Core Tax, it was ignored in army building.
    -Several armies that built themselves on having hordes have been quite downsized.
    -Upgrades (Characters, Different Weapons) are getting ignored for the point count

    Currently Working On:
    -Looking for some critique on the army lists. They are entirely intended to be undersized tournament lists more than a competitive or fluffy 1,000 point list.
    -The Purchasing Stage is quickly reaching it's end. Having a list critique would ensure this step reaches it's end quickly.
    -Dwarfs were my first real army, and are one of the first armies collected and already have assembled. I am currently in the painting stage with them.
    -As mentioned above, I've started painting models from my Super Dungeon Explore Set.
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