Hello everyone.

I'm Wallack, from Spain, although now I'm living in Ireland.

I collected WH since 2008-2009 but never really played. Never had the time to paint all my minis and didn't want to play with unpainted ones. Anyways, long story short, I like AoS because the rules are simpler and plan to play only the base box with my wife, but I love, more than that, dungeon crawlers.

I had a copy (no minis, and bad condition) of Warhammer Quest, the spanish edition (which was worse than the normal edition, less minis-content). I own Descent 2nd with a lots of its expansions, even made custom content (new classes and stuff), kickstarted dungeon saga (although I sold it) and got a copy of WHQ normal edition with everything but the heroes and some counters.

Anyways, everytime I decided to play any kind of game I was always houseruling the **** out of it apart from changing the minis the game uses, might be descent and the non-hobby minis (although they are top quality for a board game, if you are a wargammer they are low quality) might be WHQ and the old style ... or just that I didn't get the mini I wanted for my mighty hero!

That said I started working on Freequest, a set of rules (for now in Spanish, but will translate once I test them) for a dungeon crawler. I have worked on it for about 2 months. The rules are pretty simple but also long to cover a lot of aspects. The idea is to have a lot of cards with the items, abilities and everything and also supply the photoshop template so everyone can create new stuff.

The main idea behind the game is to allow a lot of customization but not only with the rules but also playing, the main difference (I think) is that there are no classes, instead you build your character getting abilities. If you want to be a wizard, get the abilitie to cast spells and buy some of them. You want to be a paladin? get some big ass sword and some holy spells ... anyways that would come later when I game test it and translate everything.

Anyways, here are some of my painted stuff, I'm not a good painter but some minis are really easy to paint with a good result, however don't like/know/want to paint faces, hence this results:

As you can see the face is too dark but I will try to light it up a bit on another session. Here is another elf hero I wanted to paint:

Both swords are pretty simple, I tried to wet blend them but wasn't really able, but once I have more swords to paint will do a nice gradient with the airbrush, just that don't want to start with it now, and also afraid of not masking right the mini and making a mess.

As this is a dungeon crawler I went and painted some skeletons, this are from Otherworld miniatures and are full metal:

Also wanted a bit of nostalgia in my games and painted some of the old skeletons from vampire counts:

Then painted some of the furniture for the Dungeon: