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    Re: Minis all over the place,.

    This is sort of "updateling" if you will. Last week I was working on unit of Ricco's Republican Guard (I've amassed a few units of Dogs of War because I've always liked them, and being happily employed at the moment, have been able to afford some), with the idea of expanding the Cursed Company project to a Dogs of War one. So far I've one box set (12 minis) painted, a couple of them based (anyone have any tips on working with flock by the way? I'd forgotten how much it sucks) and I've aquired the three needed to round up to 15 aswell. The reason they're not finished though, is the same reason why I've only got a crappy WIP pic of some of the guard to post at the moment - I slipped and broke my ankle on my way to work last wednesday, and have been in hospital since. I had surgery on saturday (Titanium plate and 13 screws - the flesh is weak indeed) and am now waiting on getting a cast so I can get away from here. Don't know how much I'll be able to paint in the next few weeks (ankle has to be kept above heart), but I'll certainly be trying.

    Without further a do, here are the guys:

    EDIT: For some bloody reason the pic refuses to upload. I'll see what I can do about it.
    EDIT: Alright. For reasons completely beoynd my understanding, the only place the pic would upload, is tumblr of all places, and even that refuses to actually show up as a picture on the forums, so here's a temporary (until I can figure what's wrong) link to the pic:

    The pic seems to have mostly white and red "scarves" but I painted them in all kinds of colours to represent them being tokens of favour from the ladies of Remas. The idea is not mine originally (I got it from an old forum conversation that I can't find anymore), but I liked it so I decided to implement it.
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