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Thread: My NEW Ulthwe Army Log

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    Re: My NEW Ulthwe Army Log

    Bold masking there! Well done! I can't wait to see them all highlighted and stuff.

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    Re: My NEW Ulthwe Army Log

    Wow! Amazing work! Could you do post a full army picture?
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    Re: My NEW Ulthwe Army Log

    Thank you a lot.
    About a full army picture: maybe later. I would like to show the vypers fully painted, and I'm really slow .
    Besides, my army has not a very uniform look cause I painted some models years ago. I'm doing my best to put all together, but differences are visible.

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    Re: My NEW Ulthwe Army Log

    Ok, I have finished the Vypers, at last.

    Here some steps.

    As usual, I painted the various parts separately. I had to: It's a tricky model, full of details.

    For the jackets I used a classical Zandri Dust + Agrax Earthshade + highlights. That's because the different color (orange/leather) of the seats.

    Here the cockpits' displays.

    And that's an example about this model issues. The pilot didn't fit in its place. So I have cut the feet and glue them in a second step.

    Maybe a bit raw. But the lower part of the pilot is not visible, so... Really, maybe it was me, but I found many issues like that assembling the model. It looks great despite its age, but it seems difficult to assemble comparing with models GW manifactures today. What do you think about?

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    Re: My NEW Ulthwe Army Log

    In order to not spoil the transparent plastic with the protective, I patched some multitac on it. And I closed the rear of the canpoy with tape as well.

    And voila.

    I have to confess: it was really hard. A lot of details, and a lot of care between the various steps. But I'm satisfied, especially considering that I bought one of these over twenty years ago!
    See you soon, mates. Comments are welcome.

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    Re: My NEW Ulthwe Army Log

    Beautiful work and attention to detail, personally I wouldn't worry about the feet too much.

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    Re: My NEW Ulthwe Army Log

    Great stuff there Homeworld.

    Very nice work.



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