Ive had a few into games and read all the fluff and I'm pretty much in love with the Kazak and their Spetznas komrads and also the Scots guard. I'm thinking of starting out with regular light and medium infantry and then expanding with things more feral > let's say I'm a big fan if the movie Dog Soldiers :-P

So how's this for a starter kazak 150? I'll post my Scots guard equivalent later...

http://anyplace.it/ia/images/ariadna_logo_small.png Ariadna | 7 models
__________________________________________________ ______

http://anyplace.it/ia/images/line_kazak_logo_small.png Line Kazak Lieutenant (9|0)
http://anyplace.it/ia/images/kazak_d...logo_small.png Kazak Dóktor Doctor (13|0)
http://anyplace.it/ia/images/kazak_s...logo_small.png Spetsnaz AD+BS (33|0)
http://anyplace.it/ia/images/kazak_s...logo_small.png Spetsnaz Sniper (34|1.5)
http://anyplace.it/ia/images/tankhunters_logo_small.png TankHunter Autocannon (40|1.5)
http://anyplace.it/ia/images/line_kazak_logo_small.png Line Kazak Rifle (9|0)
http://anyplace.it/ia/images/line_kazak_logo_small.png Line Kazak Observer (12|0)
__________________________________________________ ______

150/150 points | 3/3 swc
open with Aleph Toolbox http://anyplace.it/ia/images/app_logo_small.png : direct link

I figure the Kazak Lt is cheap enough to hang back and make opponents lives hard if they want to take him out. The observer was purely a leftover points upgrade and the Spetznas are the killing blow.