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Thread: Privateer Press punishing 'parasitic' retailers

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    Re: Privateer Press punishing 'parasitic' retailers

    Quote Originally Posted by blackcherry View Post
    Perhaps, but if any of the people the distributor supplies to don't meet PP's desire goals, the entirety of the distributor network is effected. That's still major, even if there isn't just the one*.

    *There are a few, but only one massive one that supplies about 80% of the pp bits to the UK and surrounding regions.
    Yeah, but it gets more interesting given the major distributor in the UK is literally a door away from Cerberus who make all the metals for PP in Europe.

    I'm hoping with Mark 3 that we get more things about doing things that encourage people to go to LGSes.

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    Re: Privateer Press punishing 'parasitic' retailers

    PP contacted me yesterday about the miniatures that were miscast. I'm hoping that means I get replacements even if it took them 8 months to do it.

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