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Thread: [40k] 7th edition Codex: Adepta Sororitas

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    [40k] 7th edition Codex: Adepta Sororitas

    So I've been away from rules writing for a while but am now back with a vengeance with three new codexes that I've tried to design to fit together:

    Codex: Adepta Sororitas
    This codex has been designed to be a full-featured 7th edition codex with a view towards GW's new weekly releases and how they would fit together with finally updating the Sisters of Battle. There are no all-new units, with a view towards keeping the codex to what a Sisters of Battle release might realistically contain, which I envision as a Battle Sisters box (Battle Sister Squad, Dominion Squad, Retributor Squad), a Celestian box (Celestian Squad, Sacristan Guard, a.k.a the command squad), Seraphim, various plastic characters, and a repackaged Immolator with parts to make a Repressor. Everything else would remain in metal with a view towards a second wave to update Sisters Repentia, the Exorcist (which may also built a Celestian themed Rhino, plus include the Oratorium) and add more plastic characters.

    The codex is based on the latest digital release, but has been heavily modified, so here's a quick run down of the codex features:

    • Faith: Acts of Faith and Shield of Faith are both improved, but are tied to a unit having Faith Points. Units start with these, and can gain extras from wargear, but they can be lost through a variety of means that your opponent will want to exploit. This hopefully gives a fun mechanic that means that the sisters can be very powerful for as long as their faith holds true, while your opponent must do what they can to undermine it, this gives a tension as you have to balance your finite powers against potentially losing them, or losing your Shield of Faith if you use them too generously.
    • Immolator Battle Tanks: Given their limited heavy weapons the Immolator has been made a very flexible battle-tank with the same basic capabilities as a Razorback, but bolstered by the ability to swap Transport for Fast, as well squadrons of three being able to combine their fire into more powerful attacks. If you can read the entry without subconsciously getting your wallet out to by more Immolators, then either I've done something wrong, or there's something wrong with you
    • Custom Detachment and Formations: The list contains a bunch of fluffy, interesting formations that can be composed into a Detachment similarly to the Space Marine Demi-Company, allowing an army of Sororitas to pack a pretty big punch. The formations mostly favour thematic groupings, but with some basic boosts.
    • Tactical Objectives: Emphasising valuable objectives (relics), sacrifice and faith I'm hoping this captures the spirit of the list pretty closely.
    • No Ministorum Units: Adeptus Ministorum Units (Confessors, Battle Conclaves and Penitent Engines) have been removed into their own codex (see above).

    I'll be making this codex available as both a fully interactive iBook (requires iBooks for Mac or iOS) and a PDF. Unfortunately I discovered that when exporting a PDF from iBook Author the clickable links to wargear, rules etc. don't work, so you'll need to use the search feature of your PDF reader to navigate quickly, sorry!

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