Major update focuses on integrating the new style of Celestine into my codex, so most points deal with that, plus some stuff I think I remember doing since I last updated (iBooks Author doesn't track changes, bah):

  • Celestine now has 5 Wounds, Eternal Warrior, and comes with 2 Geminae Superior (Seraphim Superior stats with two Wounds each, Blessed Weapon, Bolt Pistol and Inferno Bolts). Her Geminae Superior are a personal retinue (she cannot leave them, but they join and leave units with her), and they suffer Wounds before she does, effectively acting as sponges before you even touch her 5 Wounds. This is basically standard fare from the Fall of Cadia rules, and bring her to 200 points.
  • Celestine has a 12" Stubborn bubble for Forces of the Imperium, useful however you take her.
  • With her enhanced durability her Miraculous Intervention now only occurs once per game, but restores her with two Faith Points.
  • Healing Tears (which brings back a slain Geminae Superior) is added as an Act of Faith, meaning she is limited by Faith Points to how often she can do this.
  • Both she and her Geminae Superior have the Vow of Sanctity, meaning she starts the game with three Faith Points minimum rather than two as before.
  • She still has the same stronger Ardent Blade, Faith powers etc. from previous versions of my codex, so while my version has no Blessing of the Saint built-in she's more deadly than her Fall of Cadia incarnation.
  • She can however now be included in any Forces of the Imperium list using a new formation. This keeps her and her Geminae in Reserve, and she can't be Warlord (so no Blade of the Emperor for Faith Point harvesting) however she instead has Blessing of the Saint which gives a similar ability to bestow blessings as her Fall of Cadia incarnation. The trade off is that she has less ability to harvest Faith Points, but can instead use one of the possible blessings to gain Faith Points instead (but it's turn dependent, so better to leave it till later, and means no other blessing that turn).
  • I've added Canoness Veridyan (yes, I have the model). She's a shootier Canoness with BS7, Precision Shots and Precision Strikes, two uses of the Passion (from her Warlord Trait), allows one model in her unit to fire at full BS with Overwatch, and has a unique Act of Faith to give Precision Shots and Precision Strikes to Sororitas within 12". Basically she's all about the use of mass shooting Acts of Faith, as on her own she's not that dangerous.
  • Sacristan Guard can now all take Blessed Greatswords; this is almost entirely for my own benefit as I'm using Sisters of Silence for these, but I actually kind of like it, since they're sacrificing an attack anyway which balances out the S5 AP2 weapon. The Palatine is a little more expensive but comes with a Rosarius on top of her greatsword; not a huge buff though since she's still only one Wound.
  • The Exorcist squadron's combined barrage attack is toned down a little; the reliable quantity of shots plus Fleshbane and Ordnance make it very nasty already, so it doesn't really need extra Strength (it's not intended for vehicle smashing, but it can still hurt lighter vehicles). The Exorcists now have a Chorus of Fire formation; this is really just to make it easier to build your force using the Convent Warhost detachment, as they're already powerful, so the only benefit is resistance to Crew Shaken and Crew Stunned damage results.
  • Fixed up an oversight on the Sacristan Guard which meant they couldn't actually take special weapons (since they don't have Boltguns), so I've added those directly to their options list. To make room I've moved Honour or Death into a glossary rule, as it's present in quite a few books so it really ought to be a universe rule anyway.
  • Simplified The Passion; no idea why I didn't do it this way before, but now it's just a penalty to save rolls for the target unit vs Sororitas, which makes it much simpler for exactly the same end result.

I think that's about it!