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Thread: [40k] 7th edition Codex: Adeptus Ministorum

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    [40k] 7th edition Codex: Adeptus Ministorum

    So I've been away from rules writing for a while but am now back with a vengeance with three new codexes that I've tried to design to fit together:

    Codex: Adeptus Ministorum
    This codex has been designed to take the Ministorum units removed from the Adepta Sororitas and put them into a separate release, similar to the two separate Mechanicus releases (Skitarii and Cult Mechanicus). This introduces new units, but does so with a view towards representing a realistic release consisting of; mobs (Frateris Militia and Redemptionists), Preachers (box building 3+ Priests and/or Missionaries), plastic Penitent Engine, plus plastic characters. Battle Conclaves are a little trickier, probably releasing as clam-packs with two or three variations of each type inside? Either that or a box that can build a few of each?

    Here's a quick run-down of what the list includes:

    • Zealotry: Unlike the Faith based Sororitas, the Ministorum forces are heavily based around gaining the Zealot rule and attacking in a seething, frenzied mass. To this end, Frateris Militia are an important mainstay; on their own they are pretty terrible, but with numbers and joined by a Priest or led by a Confessor they can become a forced to be reckoned with. A squishy, drop-like-flies but can become surprisingly hard to break and almost threatening in large volumes, force to be reckoned with. Redemptionists provide a faster, harder hitting mob with Scout that is useful for swarming enemy units in close combat.
    • Specialised Conclaves: Battle Conclaves haven't changed much, however they have gained bonuses attained by including five or more of each type of model. Since they are limited to 15 this means you are best served by picking one or two types only to get the best access to these bonuses, allowing Arco-Flagellants to hit harder, Death Cultists to dodge more easily or Crusaders to stand their ground even better.
    • Missionaries: Bad-ass scouts with a range of toys, they're pretty much the Ministorum's swiss army-knife for dealing with stuff if they don't have allies to do it for them. They're also good at holding objectives, and being annoying and stuff. Plus Uriah Jacobus is an extra annoying one ideal for when your enemy just that little bit too smug about their chances against your fragile human army.
    • Custom Detachment and Formations: The list contains a bunch of fluffy, interesting formations that can be composed into a Detachment similarly to the Space Marine Demi-Company, allowing an army of the Ministorum to overcome some of its weaknesses, or focus on its strengths. It is also intended to ally especially well with the Sororitas, allowing many of the otherwise Ministorum-specific rules to apply to them (it's largely okay as the Sororitas still suck pretty hard at combat even with help, so they want all they can get).
    • Tactical Objectives: Emphasising being a major thorn in your enemy's side, and heroic (a.k.a foolish/suicidal) acts, hopefully capturing the fervour of the Ministorum forces compared to the more disciplined Sororitas.

    I'll be making this codex available as both a fully interactive iBook (requires iBooks for Mac or iOS) and a PDF. Unfortunately I discovered that when exporting a PDF from iBook Author the clickable links to wargear, rules etc. don't work, so you'll need to use the search feature of your PDF reader to navigate quickly, sorry!

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