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    [40k] 7th edition Codex: Inquisition

    So I've been away from rules writing for a while but am now back with a vengeance with three new codexes that I've tried to design to fit together:

    Codex: Inquisition
    I've always been disappointed with the Inquisition rules in 40k ever since they were rolled into Codex: Grey Knights. Codex: Witch Hunters had its flaws, but also allowed you to build a more powerful Inquisitor with a bunch of neat options, as such, I'm hoping to capture this in my own codex. Fair warning, compared to my other two codexes this one is much more complex, so here's a rundown of what you can expect:

    • Units:
      • Inquisitors: I wasn't going to include them, but then I thought, hey, why not right? These guys have a ton of options, and can be further tailored with Inquisitorial Credos that allow you to create a Ruthless Burner of Worlds, or a Puritan Blade Master with various bonuses and stuff. They also have access to Stratagems, which can trigger various useful abilities to ruin your opponent's day. Also they start out as Interrogators, a.k.a your watered-down Inquisitor on a budget. If there's a flavour of Inquisitor you want to represent and for some reason can't using this codex, then uh… you're a heretic?
      • Acolyte Warbands: I've paired these down to warrior types, with other specialists getting their own entries, because even without them this unit has a list of options that will make your eyes bleed. They allow you to represent various warriors (melee fighters), gunners (soldiers, mercenaries etc.) and also have access to brutes (abhumans, mutants or even aliens if you like) for some extra muscle. You can also pump your warrior acolytes full of deadly combat stims, and throw in a medicae if you'd prefer them to live long enough to use them, it's your party.
      • Daemonhosts: I decided to add a Daemonhost that doesn't bore me to tears, but be careful, these are as powerful as they are increasingly likely to break containment, tear you to pieces and drag your soul screaming into a personalised hell dimension. So uh, handle with care?
      • Lexmechanic: Tech adept who probably did something hella shady to get forced into the Inquisition's service. Can also take servitors and Jokareo Weaponsmiths for a bit of extra kick.
      • Pariah: Hate Psykers? Want to ruin their day? Then you need one of Haravikk's patented personal Pariahs, just add water… I mean wargear.
      • Sanctioned Psyker: Hate Psykers? Hate not having your own even more? Well now you can have no only a powerful Sanctioned Psyker but you can throw in some Wyrdvane Psykers too for good luck (also known in the trade as "so bullets aimed at you will hit them instead").
      • Savant: Remember how the Savant in the Eisenhorn trilogy was the only one who ever seemed to have any actual sense despite being addicted to data? Well now you can have your own, giving you some keen insight into your enemy.
    • Relics & Wargear: Let's put it this way; the armour and relics sections combined have 18 pages, because the Inquisition has access to everything, plus some unique goodies like different types of Servo-skull, and relics for every Ordo.
    • Detachments: A themed detachment for each Ordo with their own Chamber Militant (stuff you can include as part of the same detachment and faction). Also I made Inquisitors Elites so you have take one of these detachments instead, because I'm mean that way.
    • Tactical Objectives: Capture stuff, kill stuff, blow stuff up. I'm ad-libbing, but that's the gist of what the Inquisition's all about, right?

    I'll be making this codex available as both a fully interactive iBook (requires iBooks for Mac or iOS) and a PDF. Unfortunately I discovered that when exporting a PDF from iBook Author the clickable links to wargear, rules etc. don't work, so you'll need to use the search feature of your PDF reader to navigate quickly, sorry!

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