Long time since my last update! I've changed quite a bit, but I've been so bad at keeping track that I don't remember much of it, suffice to say it's lots and lots of tweaks throughout. Here's the main things I can remember:

  • Ordo Xenos now have Codex: Deathwatch as their chamber militant, which means I can ditch the chamber militant options (no need, as the Deathwatch have plenty of toys and Special Issue Ammunition as standard).
  • The Psyker Grade Delta Credo can now be applied to a Sanctioned Psyker, this allows a non-Psyker Inquisitor to bring a dangerously powerful sanctioned psyker to the field if they like. This is somewhat risky in that sanctioned psykers are not the most durable characters, unlike an Inquisitor that can be toughened up with lashings of wargear, but Wyrdvane Psykers can make them somewhat less explode-y.
  • I've split up the relics into four sections, so that now each Ordo has specialist relics, but there are also some general relics that any inquisitor can take. This includes a fun variant of a stasis bomb.
  • I've simplified the Plasma Syphon a bit; it now just accumulates charge and fires it, no more penalty to enemy weapons as it's just too difficult to do both without ending up with a full page of rules for just one weapon.
  • I tweaked the Ordo Malleus operative bonus, which is now Leadership on 3D6 removing the highest, to make it a bit more useful.
  • The Pariah's effect is a lot more powerful now, but I'm unsure of the cost; they're still pretty easy to pick off, but can seriously ruin a psyker's day
  • New Daemonblade rules; basically for each power you generate for the weapon you generate both a Boon and Curse, for each you roll one D6 with an additional +D6 for each power the weapon already has. So the initial two powers have a narrow range of Boons and Curses that will leave you with a decent melee weapon and at least one fairly minor penalty, but as you add powers the risk (and potential rewards) increase considerably. The Boon + Curse combo is intended to be read as a pairing, so you might roll Rotting Doom, which gives you a poisoned weapon that makes you easier to hit for example.
    You can generate further powers at the start of each turn, which means you can potentially end the game with 8, but you will guarantee that you get every single curse on the table, but one hell of a melee weapon (very likely granting psychic powers).
  • I tweaked the Rogue Inquisitor detachment quite a bit; special units (Daemonhost, Lexmechanic etc.) are now all lumped together as a single 0-5, giving much greater flexibility, however the detachment can no longer take a Land Raider, which seemed a bit strange for a Rogue. I've also clarified that the Rogue credo does not count against the limit you can purchase, so you can (with a few exceptions) have the same inquisitor under both the rogue and non-rogue detachments. I've also changed the Victory at Any Costs rule to make it more of a gamble; it essentially grants re-rolls for both the unit making the Desperate Assault, but also all enemies that attack them, so it's a high risk gamble best taken when you're confident the enemy can't do much against you, or just for the hell of it in the final turn. Lastly, to take two or more vehicles in the Rogue detachment requires a Lexmechanic, which I feel makes sense as keeping vehicles intact would not be easy on the run. This means that the most a Rogue can have is a Valkyrie in most cases.
  • I moved Ordo-specific warband options into the appropriate task forces; along with this change I've also restricted Drop Pods to non-Rogues as it was another option that seemed weird since Drop Pods for non-Astartes should be quite rare, and it doesn't seem like Rogues would be able to find ships able to launch and recover them anyway.
  • I tweaked Cavalry Mounts and Bikes; operatives, savants and warbands (without Brutes) can choose between both, while Lexmechanics can only take Bikes (but can add Smoke Launchers if they wish). I've omitted mounts for Pariahs and Sanctioned Psykers for now; I figure they'd spook Cavalry Mounts, and I'm not sure how balanced access to Bikes would be, as the Pariah's anti-psychic bubble is very strong, so having it fly around the table might be a bit OP; of course they can still use a Rhino (or Drop Pod for non-Rogues), but it puts the minimum cost of mobility to 35 points which seems about right to me.
  • Also I've added Inquisitor Greyfax; she's a little more interesting in my list as she's a Puritan Ordo Hereticus Psyker (which you can't normally do), with the Gun Master credo to reinforce her ranged accuracy. That she has no Force Weapon means she works out a bit more cheaply at 90 points, which makes her fairly good I think, as she is not worth more IMO (iirc Cadia puts her at another 60 points which is crazy), this gives a discount on this combo as she's not especially durable, plus she gets an interesting unique power and good Psychic defence.

I'm sure there are some other tweaks, but I'm not sure what they are; unlike Pages, iBooks Author doesn't have change tracking which makes it hard to remember what you did if you don't keep notes
I have been enjoying playing with the rules, particularly their flexibility. Tried playing with a Daemonhost and it did about as well as I had hoped; got two turns of absolute carnage then got greedy and it broke containment.