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Thread: Man'o'War Corsair: Early Access

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    Man'o'War Corsair: Early Access

    Anyone tried this out at all?

    The two videos on the steam page give me no clue what kind of game it actually is or how it plays (but it looks really rough), and the summary frames it inexplicably (surprisingly?) as an 'open world adventure.'
    So... yeah. I want more information before I touch it. Anyone who dived into the EA for Mordheim or Beta for Gothic jump onto this boat?
    With a finished Gothic on the horizon, does anyone care?
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    Re: Man'o'War Corsair: Early Access

    There's a few gameplay videos on youtube, check them out.

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    Re: Man'o'War Corsair: Early Access

    I have played the EA a bit and so far, I'm liking it.
    Graphics aren't top-notch but decent, like the fog in the game.
    And animations are a bit rough and so is the voice acting so I hope they will continue to work on those.
    But other then that, I love the ships, the ship combat is fun, had a run-in with a minor orc fleet that nearly killed me which was alot of fun since I was starting to get a bit worried that the game was too easy but those guys proved me wrong.
    And the developers seem very dedicated to it as well which is a good thing.
    So I'm hoping that they will continue to improve this game and if you like for example the Sea Dogs or Pirates of the Caribbean games then this is the game but only in the Warhammer world, there are literally huge sea monsters in the water.
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