Hello, all!

Long time, no see - my computer is dead so I am posting from my work computer now.

I have been making good progress this summer, and finished a few projects:

First up is my finished Harker model!

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I have also made some modifications to my paint scheme:


- I wanted to alter the colours - darken the green so that the beige and gold were more striking

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- As you can see, the new scheme is a little darker, a little more gritty. I also added my varnish halfway through the paint scheme. this means that my washes (that make the model look flat and not shiny) were added after the shiny varnish.

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I have also completed a full 8 man squad of rough riders! These guys take a LONG time to paint. Planning to paint over 20 more too!

The rough riders were painted with the updated scheme as well.
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I hope the roughriders can still be used in normal games of 40k - the warhammer legends looks pretty ominous and although the roughriders aren't very good, they are one of my favourite units.

More (frequent) updates to come,