Time for something different.

As gaps have grown between my painting projects (I even had to close my old ones its been so long!) Iíve realised part of what keeps me held back, other than my lack of motivation Ė the lack of carrot. As my self imposed limit of not going onto building anything new until Iíve painted the old isn't enough, Iíve added the carrot of writing background for everything. I will keep me happy, even if it doesnít anyone else.

It will keep me thinking about stuff whilst I paint it and make me plan more too. In fact, Iíve been very busy relatively to me!

Anyway, yes, background. My Word Bearer force will be one that has fled a recent warzone and had to put down, rather bumpily, on a hive world run down after years of exploitation by the Imperium. Ripe pickings for a Deacon to convert others to the Truth and a great way for him to get parts to repair his ship and get off planet sharpishÖ