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Thread: Regarding Michael Moorcock

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    Regarding Michael Moorcock

    Hi all.

    I recently had the rare joy of discovering a new author whose work I adore, Michael Moorcock. I had a copy of The Nomad of Time collection on my shelf for nearly two years, which I had picked up purely because I had been in a alternate history mood after reading Bring the Jubilee by Ward Moore and Philip K Dicks The Man in the High Castle. I fell in love with it and ever since I've been buying everything he has written online. I recently finished the entire Hawkmoon series and the incredible Behold the Man.

    Upon some research of the man I found Mr Moorcock had a truly impactful effect in the world of fantasy and science fiction.

    - He was one of the early founders of Steampunk.
    - He was the pioneer of the literary concept of the multiverse.
    - He infamously rejected Tolkien fantasy and created the entire genre of "New Age Fantasy".
    - His work influenced the likes of Garth Nix, Neil Gaiman, George R R Martin, Tad Williams and more, his work even had some influence in the creation of Warhammer Fantasy.

    But the weird thing is...I don't know anyone who has ever heard of him or his work. Among my reader friends, some of them with seemingly immense knowledge into the world of fantasy and science fiction not one has heard of Michael Moorcock.

    So I ask this question.

    Is this just a weird regional thing, or even an Australian thing, or has Michael Moorcock been forgotten?

    Any general thoughts are welcome, your opinions of his work, your favourite books, your least favourite book.
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