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Thread: Things to watch and listen to while hobbying

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    Things to watch and listen to while hobbying

    Copy-pasted from 9th Age forum. Let's have a video recommendation thread for stuff to listen and (lightly) watch while painting and converting. Come contribute with your own recommendations!

    The few series I've watched through are stuff like Rome, i.e. ones you want to watch intently, so I'll keep to docus, lectures and audiobooks. Not an exhaustive list, but to get the ball rolling:



    Ancient Murder Mystery
    Headless Celtic Warriors:
    Riddle of the Cone Shaped Nazca Skulls:
    The Mutiliated Moche Skeletons Of Peru:

    Murder in Rome:
    The Roman Way of War:
    The Mystery of the Headless Romans:
    The Gladiator Graveyard:
    Young Victoria:
    Myths Of The Titanic:

    War and Civilization
    1. First blood:
    2. Empires and armies:
    3. Horse warriors:
    4. Gunpowder:
    5. Revolution:
    6. Blood and Iron:
    7. War Machines:
    8. Price of War:

    Ancient Discoveries
    Megastructures Of The Deep:
    Heron of Alexandria:
    The Antikythera Machine:
    Machines of the Gods:
    Secret Science of the Occult:
    Mining Machines:
    Impossible Army Machines:
    Record Breakers:
    Technologies of Ancient Cities:
    China's Ancient Machines:
    Ancient Special Forces:
    Chinese Warfare:
    War in the Ancient World: Chinese Ships:
    War i the Ancient World: Navies:
    Impossible Naval Engineering:
    Airborn Assault:
    Ancient Armour Tech:
    Twisted Weapons of the East:
    Ancient Mega-Fort:
    Ancient Secret Agents:
    Ancient Torture Technology:
    Gruesome Medicine:
    Galen, Doctor to the Gladiators:
    Rituals of Death:
    Lost Science of the Bible:
    Ancient Egyptian Military Technology:

    Ancient Life in Egypt, by John Romer:

    Egypt: Beyond the Pyramids
    1. Religion:
    2. Ramses and Sons:
    3. Life:
    4. Death:

    The Battle of Kadesh:

    The Hittites: A Civilization That Changed the World:
    The Hittites:

    Secrets of the Aegean Collapse:

    Iran: Seven faces of a civilization
    1 (Elam):
    2 (Achaemenids):
    3 (Sassanids):
    4 (Islamic golden age in Iran):
    5 (Poetry & litterature):
    6 (Foreign dynasties):
    7 (Safavids):
    8 (Finish):

    Byzantium, the Lost Empire, by John Romer

    The Huns:
    The Goths:
    The Vandals:
    The Franks:
    The Lombards:
    The Saxons:
    The Vikings:
    The Mongols:

    Medieval Lives: Birth, Marriage, Death
    1. A Good Birth:
    2. A Good Marriage:
    3. A Good Death:

    Saints & Sinners - Britain's Millenium of Monasteries (BBC)

    Secrets of the Castle (BBC)
    1. Why Build a Castle?:
    2. Defending the Castle:
    3. Inside the Castle:
    4. The Castle's Community of Skills:
    5. Beyond the Castle Walls:

    Conquistadors, by Michael Woods (BBC)
    1. The Fall of the Aztecs:
    2. The Conquest of the Incas:
    3. The Search for El Dorado:
    4. All World is Human:

    Fit to Rule, by Lucy Worsley (BBC)
    1. From Gods to Men - Tudors to Stuarts:
    2. Bad Blood - Stuarts to Hanoverians:
    3. Hanoverians to Windsors:

    Empire of the Seas (BBC)
    1. Heart of Oak:
    2. The Golden Ocean:
    3. High Tide:
    4. Changing Seas:

    The Adventure of English, by Melvyn Bragg (BBC)
    1. Birth of a Language:
    2. English Goes Underground:
    3. The Battle for the Language of the Bible:
    4. This Earth, This Realm, This England:
    5. English in America:
    6. Speaking Proper:
    7. The Language of Empire:
    8. Many Tongues Called English:

    Hidden Killers of the Home
    1. Tudor:
    2. Victorian I:
    3. Victorian II:
    3. Edwardian:

    Victorian Farm (BBC)

    Victorian Bakers (BBC)

    Victorian Pharmacy (BBC)

    The Flying Years - Aviation History:

    Precision: The Measure of All Things (BBC)
    1. Time and Distance:
    2. Mass and Moles:
    3. Heat, Light and Electricity:

    The Code (BBC)
    1. Numbers:
    2. Shapes:
    3. Predictions:

    The Story of Mathematics (BBC)
    1. The Language of the Universe:
    2. The Genius of the East:
    3. The Frontiers of Space:
    4. To Infinity and Beyond:

    How The Earth Was Made
    Season 1
    1. San Andreas Fault:
    2. Mariana Trench:
    3. Krakatoa:
    4. Loch Ness:
    5. New York:
    6. Atacama Desert:
    7. Great Lakes:
    8. Yellowstone:
    9. Tsunami:
    10. Asteroids:
    11. Iceland:

    Australia, the First Four Billion Years
    1. Awakening:
    2. Life Explodes:
    3. Monsters:
    4. Strange Creatures:

    The Evolution of Venom:
    The Evolution of Jaws:
    The Evolution of Skin:
    The Evolution of Eyes:
    The Evolution of Sex:
    The Evolution of Animals:

    The Cell (BBC)
    1. The Hidden Kingdom:
    2. The Chemistry of Life:
    3. The Spark of Life:

    Secrets of Our Living Planet (BBC)
    1. The Emerald Band:
    2. The Secret of the Savannah:
    3. The Magical Forest:
    4. Waterworlds:

    A Loggerhead Turtle's Guide to the Pacific:

    Animal Armageddon (Mass Extinctions)

    Walking with Dinosaurs (1-6)
    1. First Blood:

    Britain's Greatest Machines with Chris Barrie
    Trains - The Steam Pioneers:
    1910s - Triumph and Tragedy:
    1920s - The Engine Roaring Twenties:
    1930s - the Road to War:
    1940s - War: Mother of Invention:
    1950s - A New World Order:
    1960s - Revolution By Design:
    1980s - The Future Has Landed:

    Megastructures Documentaries
    Tomahawk Cruise Missile:
    Shanghai's Artificial Harbour Island:

    Modern Marvels
    Telephone History:
    Technique and Technology of Stock Exchange:
    The Kursk Submarine Disaster:

    Constructing the Burj Khalifa:

    Nova (PBS)
    The Mystery of the Milky Way:
    Arctic Dinosaurs:
    Mammoths of the Ice Age:
    Creatures of Light:
    Tales From the Hive:
    Building Pharaoh's Ship:
    Building Pharaoh's Chariot:
    The Celtic Legacy of Galicia:
    King Solomon's Mines:
    Cracking the Mayan Code:
    Inside the Court of Henry VIII:
    Lost At Sea: The Search For Longitude:
    Under the Ice - 1840s Arctic Passage Disaster:
    Sputnik Declassified:
    Columbia Space Shuttle Disaster:
    Ground Zero Supertower - The complete Story of an Engineering Marvel:

    Cosmic Journeys
    How Large is the Universe?:
    The Most Powerful Objects in the Universe:
    The Riddle of AntiMatter:
    Mysteries of a Dark Universe:
    When Will Time End?:
    Is the Universe Infinite?:
    Birth of a Black Hole:
    Supermassive Black Hole at the Center of the Galaxy:
    Life: Destiny or Chance?:
    Alien Planets & Eyeball Earths: The Search for Habitable Planets:
    Plasma Rockets & Solar Storms:
    Attack of the Sun:
    Saturn's Mysterious Moons:
    Mars: World That Never Was:
    Birth of the Moon:
    Crashing into the Moon:
    Super Hurricanes and Typhoons:
    Fate of Antarctica:
    Hyper Earth: the New World:
    Earth in 1000 Years:
    The Incredible Journey of Apollo 12:
    Voyager Journey to the Stars:
    Reinventing Space Flight:
    Voyage to Pandora: First Interstellar Space Flight:

    Clash of the Gods
    I. Zeus the Father of Gods and Men:
    II. Medusa the Gorgon:
    III. Hercules the Divine Hero:
    IV. Hades the Lord of the Underworld:
    V. The Minotaur:
    VI & VII. The Odyssey:
    VIII. Beowulf:
    IX. Tolkien's Monsters: 1) 2) 3)
    X. Thor:

    Animated Epic of Gilgamesh:

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    Re: Things to watch and listen to while hobbying


    Neil Price's Viking mind lectures
    Children of Ash: Cosmology and the Viking Universe:
    Life and Afterlife: Dealing with the Dead in the Viking Age:
    The Shape of the Soul: The Viking Mind and the Individual:

    Oriental Institute of Chicago University
    Death's Dominion: Chalcolithic Religion and the Ritual Economy of the Southern Levant, by Yorke Rowan:
    Before the Pyramids: The Origins of Egyptian Civilization, by Emily Teeter:
    The Pharaohs of Anubis-Mountain, by Josef Wegner:
    The Battle of Kadesh: A Debate, by Robert Ritner & Theo van den Hout:
    Chronologies of Collapse: Climate Change in the Intermediate Bronze Age, by Felix Höflmayer:
    1177 BC: The Year Civilization Collapsed, by Eric Cline:
    Art and Decoration in Egypt, by Emily Teeter:
    Egyptian Examples of the 'Koine' Art Style of the Second Millenium BC, by Robert Ritner:
    A Game of Thrones and Coffins: The Death and Resurrection of Osiris, by Robert Ritner:
    Death and Taxes in Ancient Egypt, by Brian Muhs:
    Exploring the roots of Mesopotamian civilization: Excavations at Tell Zeidan, Syria:
    Death and the City: Recent Work at Tell Brak, Syra:
    The Gilgamesh Epic and Its Interpretations - Prof. Ed Greenstein:
    Meluhha: The Indus Valley civilization and its contacts with Mesopotamia:
    Tracking the frontiers of the Hittite Empire:
    A is for Anatolia. Writing and Literacy in the Hittite Kingdom, by Theo van den Hout:
    Luwian Hieroglyphs: An Indigenous Anatolian Syllabic Script, by Petra Goedegebuure:
    Animals, Food, and Ancient Culture: A Primer in Zooarchaeology, by Gil Stein:
    Everything You've Always Wanted to Know about Love and Fertility in Babylonia, by Jerry Cooper:
    The Collapse of the Assyrian Empire and the Evidence of Dur-Katlimmu, by Hartmut Kühne:
    New Light on the Biblical Philistines: Recent Study on the Frenemies of Ancient Israel, by Aren Maeir:
    The Myth of the Empty Land and The Myth of the Mass Return, by Oded Lipschits:
    Cracking the Code: Using Language to Unlock Ancient History, by Matthew Stolper:
    Dr. Matthew Stolper - PFAP: Preserving the Legacy of the Achaemenid Persians, by Matthew Stolper:
    Taking Care of Color in Persepolis, by Alexander Nagel:
    Past, Present and Future of the Landscape in the Land of King Midas: Gordion, Turkey, by Naomi Miller:
    Coinage: The Greek Way of Handling Money, by Alain Bresson:
    Monetary Networks in Graeco-Roman Antiquity, by Sitta von Reden:
    Credit Markets and Economic Life in Ancient Rome, by Cameron Hawkins:
    The Sea of Galilee Boat, by Shelley Wachsmann:
    The Rise of Christianity in Iran, by Richard Payne:
    How Islam Began, by Fred Donner:

    Ancient Economies Miniseries
    Prestige and the Ritual Economy of Chalcolithic Caanan, by Yorke Rowan:
    The Archaeology of Farming and Herding, by Gil Stein:
    Persepolis and the Economy of Achemenid Persia, by Matthew Stolper:
    Roman Shopkeepers and the Bazaar Economy, by Emmanuel Mayer (Incomplete):
    Trade Mercantile Economy and the Development of the Suq, by Don Whitcomb (OBS! Värdelös ljudkvalité.):
    Panel Discussion with Emmanuel Mayer, Matt Stolper and Don Whitcomb:

    The Stele of Katumuwa:


    Librivox Free Audiobooks
    Egyptian Tales from the Papyri:
    The Illiad, by Homer:
    The Odyssey, by Homer:
    The Aeneid, by Publius Vergilius Maro:
    Germania, by Tacitus:
    The Atrocities of the Pirates (1824), by Aaron Smith:

    A General History of the Pirate, Infamous Pirates, by Charles F. Johnson (1724)

    War Commentaries of Caesar
    1. Descriptions of Gaul 58 B.C.:
    2. Conspiracy of the Belgie 57 B.C.:
    3. Galba's Campaign in the Alps 56 B.C.:
    4. German Invasion of Gaul - Crossing the Rhine 55 B.C.:
    5. The Second Invasion of Britain 54 B.C.:
    6. Suppression of Further Revolts 53 B.C.:
    7. Vercingetorix, the Beginning of the War 52 B.C.:
    8. Conclusion of Wars in Gaul and Return to Italy 51-50 B.C.:
    9. The Senate Refuses to Compromise 50 B.C.:
    10. The Campaign of Lerida, First Stages 49 B.C.:
    11. The Siege of Marseilles 49 B.C.:
    12. Preparations for the Illyrian Campaign 49-48 B.C.:
    13. Further Operations - A Pompeiin Success 49-48 B.C.:

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    Re: Things to watch and listen to while hobbying

    Thanks for that tip!

    The above list is just the tip of the iceberg. Should anyone be on the lookout for any historical, mythological or natural science topic, don't be shy to ask. Chances are I've stumbled across something relevant, and all watchworthy links are saved.

    Some more of the better ones IIRC:

    In Search of the Trojan War (1985), by Michael Woods
    1. The Age of Heroes:
    2. The Legend Under Siege:
    3. The Singer of Tales:
    4. The Women of Troy:
    5. Empire of the Hittites:
    6. Fall of Troy:

    Ancient Greeks: Who Where They? by Michael Scott

    Ancient Greeks: Greatest Show on Earth, by Michael Scott (BBC)

    1. Democrats:
    2. Kings:
    3. Romans:

    Guilty Pleasures, by Michael Scott (BBC)
    1. Luxury in Ancient Greece:
    2. Luxury in the Middle Ages:

    The Mystery of Romes X Tombs:

    Life and Death in Herculaneum:
    Roman Letters from the Front:
    Roman Voices:

    Rome: A History of the Eternal City,**by Simon Sebag Montefiore (BBC)
    1. City of the Sacred:
    2. Divine Gamble:
    3. The Rebirth of God's City:

    Spirits of the Jaguar (BBC)
    1. The Forging of a New World:
    2. Forests of the Maya:
    3. Taínos, Hunters of the Caribbean Sea:
    4. The Fifth World of the Aztecs:

    Venice, Venezia:

    Conflict Arbitration in a Multi-Legal System: The Case of the Ottoman Empire, by Peter Menzel:

    Behind the Great Wall, the Story of General Qi Jiguang:

    The Wars of the Roses: A Bloody Crown:

    Richard III - Princes in the Tower:
    Richard III - The New Evidence:

    Henry VII: The Winter King:

    Henry VIII: The Mind of a Tyrant, by David Starkey

    Niccolo Machiavelli:

    First Siege of Vienna 1529:
    Second Siege of Vienna 1683:

    How to Get Ahead
    1. At Medieval Court:
    2. At Renaissance Court:
    3. At Versailles:

    Tudor Monastery Farm

    A Tudor Feast at Christmas:

    The War of 1812:

    The Toilet, an Unspoken History:

    Personality and Power: The Case of Otto von Bismarck:
    Jonathan Steinberg on Bismarck: A Life:

    Building the Titanic:
    Tragedy of the Britannic, Titanic's Sister Ship:

    The Gurkhas:

    Herbert Hoover's American Relief Aid to Russia During the Great Famine (1921):

    Prohibition and the Mafia

    War Plan Red (American plan to attack Britain):

    Horseshoe Crabs:

    Black Wolf's Secret Life:

    Arabian Desert Seas, by David Attenborough:

    In the Mind of Plants:

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    Re: Things to watch and listen to while hobbying

    I always find that listening to a podcast, which is mostly entertainment driven rather than educational in nature, is the best way I can paint and keep myself occupied.

    To that end:
    WTF with Mark Maron
    You Must Remember This (a bit more on the educational side, but its mostly hollywood gossip of the time)
    The Kraken Podcast
    The Mindless Ones - SILENCE!
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    Re: Things to watch and listen to while hobbying

    I use audiobooks, usually checked out from the public library. My favorite is Rob Inglis reading The Lord of the Rings. It's epic.
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    Re: Things to watch and listen to while hobbying

    I rather like having Golf on. You don't need to watch it intently and if its BBC coverage you get soothing commentary filled with amusing anecdotes.
    But I will certainly go with the flow and have historical documentaries on the go.

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    Re: Things to watch and listen to while hobbying

    I don't think I have enough years left in my life to watch through everything listed by the OP!

    Myself, last year I watched/listened through every episode of the Muppet Show, proper episodes of The Flintstones and a rather long video entitled "Every Three Stooges short opening theme"
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