Finally I can contribute something to the tale again. I'm nervously awaiting my results for my masterthesis, which is currently being reviewed... I finally had some free time to paint. I finished my second unit of 6 Slaanesh marauders. I also painted a Sorcerer, converted form a model from the 40k Dark Vengeance kit.
I've also put a lot of time into converting 6 cold one knights and even a Malus Darkblade model. I always liked the idea of knights riding for days, carrying everything they needed with them. So every knights carries a repeater crossbow, pouches or a bedroll and lots of trophies. It has been really fun to create all kind of different little details to individualize every knight. Malus was created with parts from the cold one knights, corsairs and a head from the spearmen box, and of course lots of greenstuff.

hope you like em'!

Slaanesh chaos Sorcerer

Slaanesh marauders

Slaanesh marauders, both units together

Malus Darkblade conversion

cold one knights