Thanks for the reviews. Interesting to see other people's views on these rules.

I found the omission of duels from the rules in Dragon Rampant a bit weird, but there you go. Maybe it was just a space issue.

The thing with 'bigging it up' I think is no problem what so ever seeing as how abstract the game is. Have a 12 strengths points unit be three trolls, 48 night goblins or 12 bases of 12 6mm undead each. In that way I think that a big battle can be played without any problems with the rules as they are.

Yeah, the leader traits are a very cool thing in theory, but in practice they aren't that great. On the other hand the boasts are an amazing idea. In general I feel like Dragon Rampant is a lot more bare bones looking than Lion Rampant. But owning both sets of rules of course will help out with that.