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Thread: [9th Age] Tips for Background Writing

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    Re: [9th Age] Tips for Background Writing

    Cringe whenever you feel like it, but it can hardly be more awkward than having stone/cave trolls in mountainous terrain or river trolls in watery terrain. In fact it just plays along existing lines, and assumes great adaptabiliy to local conditions in troll species. And shaggy giants in cold climes is a standing fantasy theme, which would easily find a home in such an all-inclusive fantasy smörgåsbord setting as Warhammer or 9th Age.

    Proposing to introduce e.g. a fiery lava realm with fire giants (Muspelheim) and a misty glacier realm with ice giants (Nifelheim) would be to break those lines and strike out for something new for a Warhammer world, and thus decidedly more cringe-worthy.

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