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Thread: [9th Age] Tips for Background Writing

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    Re: [9th Age] Tips for Background Writing

    Temple of the Obelisks in Byblos:

    Phoenician ivory inlays, sporting obvious Egyptian influences:

    Other Phoenician art:

    The Phoenician city of Tyre, mother of Carthage:

    The harbour of Carthage, a partially Hellenized Punic city:

    Carthaginian buildings by Wildfire Games:

    Carthaginian buildings by LordGood:

    And lastly, we're fortunate to have Mr. Cyns' interpretation in model scenery of a richer Phoenician/Carthaginian dwelling:

    Mausoleum of Thugga, 2nd century BC Punic monument

    More on scenery and architecture in general here.

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