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    Apparently the Dane Bloodbeard over on Chaos Dwarfs Online has tasted one of the top contenders for the smelliest food in the world, surströmming (straight translation: "sour herring").

    He claims to have survived the event.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bloodbeard
    It was freaking gross! We opened the can in a bucket of water. Flies landed on the water surface and died! The herring continued to bubble from all the fermentation.

    It was so disgusting! We ended up burning the remains in a fire. Space Marine purging style.

    Surströmming, which is basically fermented rotten fish in a can prone to bulging, is an infamous Swedish dish, with such a strong odour that birds, those stress-sensitive avians, are rumoured to risk death upon smelling a strong dose of it. It is considered folly to open a can of it indoors.

    Considered by some to be nothing short of a chemical weapon, by others a traditional delicatess best eaten with complimentary stuff on a sandwich, it was recently tested by Americans.

    Curious? Got guts enough to try it? Then see for yourself!

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