Skinnerz Light Ironclads are back!

Skinnerz Light Ironclads - 7.50

Skinnerz forces make use of a variety of bipedal robotic walkers, from mighty Leviathan Tramplers, down to the diminutive Ironclads.

Crewed by a single pilot, these walkers come in a variety of forms, often with either two or four arms, and provide lethal armoured combat support in close quarters for Skinnerz armies.

This set contains:

6 x Light Ironclad hulls

3 x Light Ironclad weapons sets

Bases not included.

Also some stuff for the Cybershadows...

Need some more weapon options for the Skitter main battle tank?

Cybershadow Skitter Tank Weapons Set - 1.50

A set of optional weapons for the Skitter main battle tank.

Set contains:

1 x Rotary cannon

1 x Flamethrower and 1 x fuel pod

1 x Mortar

1 x Plasma cannon

1 x Disruptor

1 x Twin disruptor